DrägerService® - Because quality counts Service-Contracts

DrägerService® - Because quality counts


DrägerService® - Because quality counts

At Dräger, we do not just develop medical devices and solutions, we manufacture them as well. That is why we are highly familiar with all the functions, specifications, and technical details. We can offer you fast uncomplicated, and reliable service that fits your individual needs.


A comprehensive service plan by combining proven professional maintenance with service technology and expertise which delivers high first time fix rates.

  • Set inspection, maintenance, and repair charge
  • Reliable compliance with national and international quality and test standards
  • Professional inspection, maintenance, and repair according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Enhanced readiness of your medical device

PartnerCare & Dräger Technical Support

For those customers who wish to maintain equipment in-house we also offer innovative ways to support by selecting from a range of products and services to create a bespoke PartnerCare offering that reflects the needs of the hospital.

Dräger Technical Support
A team of technical specialists are available to assist you with your technical enquiry.


A proactive service program designed to keep your medical equipment at optimum performance and in full compliance with national and manufacturer technical standards.

Avoid unforeseen malfunctions in advance.

  • Set inspection and maintenance charge
  • Reliable compliance with national and international quality and test standards
  • Professional inspection and maintenance according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Enhance readiness of your medical devices

Here’s why DrägerService is such good value:

  • The devices in your hospital operate longer, are more reliable, and perform to specification.
  • Unplanned downtime is generally avoided. You can plan with confidence.
  • If repairs or maintenance are necessary, you can be sure that your devices will be up and running in the minimum amount of time.

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