Infinity® Acute Care System

At Dräger, our response to increased technical and clinical complexity is to look at ways we can simplify our solutions so clinicians can easily access the data they need to make informed clinical decisions. The result is the Infinity® Acute Care System monitoring solution, which teams the handheld Infinity M540 patient monitor with the powerful Dräger Medical Cockpit® that integrates diverse clinical information at the point of care.

Rethinking the human connection

While technology brings many benefits to the delivery of patient care, it can cause unwanted complexity for caregivers. Complexity that results in clinicians spending more time on technical interfaces and complicated workflow – and less time directly focusing on the needs of their patients.

Data at the point of need

With the Dräger Medical Cockpit, networked clinical information comes to you. On a wide touch-screen display, you can view the data you need at the bedside – including patient history, diagnostic images and lab results – together with real-time hemodynamic information. If patient demographic information is available, it automatically populates on the display at the push of a button*. And you can further expand the system’s capabilities by adding IT applications via a Web interface. Having all the information you need at one convenient location saves time and supports informed clinical decision making.

*Requires Infinity Gateway

Support for changing patient acuity levels

Your patient’s condition can change in a heartbeat. The Infinity M540 and Medical Cockpit let you adapt monitoring to your patient’s changing acuity. For example, you can add MPod® and MCable® accessories to support additional parameters as needed.

Quick and safe wireless transport

he monitoring system's intelligent Pick and Go® data management technology saves time before and after each transport. Simply undock the M540 and it automatically switches to wireless mode – no need to change monitors or cables. Patient safety is supported with full parameter monitoring, alarms, and event and trend storage that is broadcast wirelessly to the Infinity Network. When the monitor is docked in a new location, the data from the previous Medical Cockpit follows the patient to the new location, providing up to 96 hours of continuous trend data and backfilling all trend data collected during transport.

Transcending limitations

The Infinity Acute Care System monitoring solution is a breakthrough in mobility, patient surveillance, and data access. This fully networked solution allows a single monitor to follow the patient during the entire care pathway to minimize undetected events and provides a complete patient record. At the same time, it opens the flow of patient information throughout the hospital and beyond to support time-critical decision making.


DS: Infinity M540 Monitor and Infinity M500 Docking Station 9067987, EN-GB
DS: Infinity M540 Monitor and Infinity M500 Docking Station 9067987, EN-GB

Now you can streamline workflow and support patient safety with a single monitor that accompanies the patient from admission to discharge. The ergonomic Infinity M540 provides continuous monitoring at the bedside and on transport throughout the hospital* – either as a standalone monitor** or as part of the Infinity Acute Care System.


Infinity Acute Care System Monitoring Brochure, en-us
Infinity Acute Care System Monitoring Brochure, en-us

Monitoring that supports the way you work


Infinity M540 Monitor PI 9067987, EN-US
Infinity M540 Monitor PI 9067987, EN-US


Infinity MCable Mainstream CO2 PI 9066255, EN-GB
Infinity MCable Masimo Rainbow SET PI 9066455, EN-US
Infinity MCable Nurse Call PI 9066265, EN-US
Infinity Medical Cockpit PI 9067486, EN-US
Infinity® MCable®-Dual Hemo
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