Infinity® M540 monitor and M500 docking station

Streamline your workflow and support patient safety with a single monitor that follows the patient throughout the entire care pathway. Now with standalone capabilities, the Infinity M540 monitor moves seamlessly from bedside to transport – with continuous surveillance to reduce undetected events and support a more complete patient record.

One monitor for the entire episode of care

Dräger designed the Infinity M540 to answer the need for a bedside device that can monitor a patient throughout the entire clinical process – including pre-, intra- and post-procedure. The Infinity M540 connects to the Infinity Network to support the growing need for continuous monitoring both at the bedside and on transport, and supports a continuous patient record throughout the patient’s stay.

The Infinity M540 can be used on its own or as a transport monitor of the Infinity Acute Care System (IACS). It monitors the clinical parameters needed for changing patient acuity levels – without the need for re-configuring.

On its own, the Infinity M540 is the ideal solution for the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) or Emergency Department, where ECG, SpO2 and NiBP are the required parameters. Thanks to a variety of MPod® and MCable® plug-in accessories, the monitor can instantly scale to support changing patient acuity levels. For example, the Infinity® MCable-Masimo SET® connects the Dräger Infinity M540 patient monitor to Masimo SET SpO2 sensors and provides continuous, noninvasive monitoring of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), pulse and perfusion index.

M500 docking station lets you store profiles

Smart functionality activates a memory chip inside the M500 docking station. This gives you the flexibility to save monitoring settings that are specific to a particular care unit, to a particular patient, or to keep the original settings of the Infinity M540. For example, a Critical Care Unit (CCU) might want to see the ECG waveform in green or turn a certain alarm off, and clinicians don’t have to adjust the settings every time a new Infinity M540 docks on an M500.

Variable transport volume

The new transport volume feature of the Infinity M540* allows different departments to configure their own preference for alarm volume from 50% to 100% in increments of 10%. For example, an Emergency Department (ED) where a central station is not used might need a louder transport volume than an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) where patients are monitored continuously at a central station.

* Transport volume feature exists in VG2.0.4 and above.

Quick and safe patient transport

The Infinity M540 incorporates Dräger Pick and Go® technology for fast and easy patient transport. With a single hand, you can undock the Infinity M540 monitor and it automatically switches from wired to wireless networking* – no need to change monitors or cables. Because the Infinity M540 has an easy-to-see widescreen display, there is no need to switch to a separate transport monitor. Plus, the 180° auto-flip screen enables you to dock the Infinity M540 on either side of the patient at the bedside or on transport, while continuing to provide proper visual orientation.

On transport, patient safety is supported with full parameter monitoring, alarms, and event storage. The Infinity M540 broadcasts patient data to the Infinity Network, where it can be accessed at Infinity CentralStation and by remote viewing devices. Real-time surveillance is continuous – both at the bedside and on transport.

* requires installed wifi network

Network functionality of the M500

Now with Infinity M540 VG2.1 software, the M500 docking station can communicate directly with the Infinity CentralStation, Symphony, Gateway and Innovian® Anesthesia.

Part of a scalable hospital-wide solution

A single Infinity M540 monitor can travel with the patient throughout their stay, broadcasting data at all times. Depending on the acuity of the patient and the care area in which they are located, the same Infinity M540 functions either as a standalone device or as part of the IACS.

For example, a patient may start in the ED with an Infinity M540 monitor as a standalone device, then transfer to an IACS using the same Infinity M540 in the ICU or CCU, go back to standalone mode for induction, then onto an IACS in OR, and finally back to standalone mode for PACU, Stepdown/Recovery. As a result, you can transport patients without reconnecting cables or disrupting the patient record.


Infinity Acute Care System Monitoring Brochure, en-us
Infinity Acute Care System Monitoring Brochure, en-us

Monitoring that supports the way you work


Infinity M540 Monitor PI 9067987, EN-US
Infinity M540 Monitor PI 9067987, EN-US


Infinity MCable Mainstream CO2 PI 9066255, EN-GB
Infinity MCable Mainstream CO2 PI 9066255, EN-GB

Fast and easy to apply, the Infinity® MCable-Mainstream CO2 uses infrared absorption technology to make mainstream CO2 measurements. It measures both end-tidal and inspired CO2 and calculates the respiratory rate from the CO2 waveform – at the bedside and on transport. Measured values are displayed on the Infinity M540 or the Evita® Infinity V500.


Infinity MCable Masimo Rainbow SET PI 9066455, EN-US
Infinity MCable Nurse Call PI 9066265, EN-US
Infinity Medical Cockpit PI 9067486, EN-US
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Infinity® MCable®-Dual Hemo
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Infinity® MCable®-Masimo rainbow SET®
Product Information: Infinity® MCable-Mainstream CO2 (PDF)
Datasheet: Infinity® MCable®-Nurse Call (PDF)
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