Neonatal Ventilation Accessories

Dräger accessories for neonatal ventilation provide effective and gentle ventilation, reduce stress and help promote the development of the newborn.

Breathing systems

Especially designed for neonatal babies – breathing circuits
Dräger breathing circuits for neonatal ventilation were designed with the baby’s needs in mind. They keep dead space to a minimum and reduce the effort required to breathe. Fully tested for compatibility with a variety of Dräger devices, our breathing circuits are made using the high standards of quality you would expect in the intensive care of neonates.

Filters and HMEs – effective protection and conditioning
Dräger filters have proven retention properties and provide effective protection from contamination and infection. Our HMEs condition inspired air to suit the special needs of your small patients. Combinations of these highly compatible filters and HMEs are possible.

Nasal CPAP

BabyFlow plus

The superior non-invasive respiratory support system, designed to maximize performance and patient comfort.

The BabyFlow plus respiratory support system was designed based on the results of state-of-the-art technology (Computational Flow Analysis) to minimize the imposed work of breathing for the patient. The streamlined adapter head optimizes the flow distribution.

Enhanced comfort for patient and caregiver
We want your patients to feel comfortable. The less discomfort a patient experiences, the greater the opportunity for healthy growth and development during this critical time in the patient’s recovery. The adjustable angle allows you to fit the prongs and masks properly on the patient, thus reducing leaks and providing more stable CPAP levels. More stable CPAP levels reduce noise levels, making BabyFlow plus a low noise level respiratory support system, therefore, supporting Developmental Care practices and offering the best possible therapy for tiny patients.

Ease of use
The ease of use of BabyFlow plus in combination with innovative components offer effective and gentle therapy where it’s needed. The BabyFlow plus respiratory support system is designed to address the current issues with non-invasive respiratory support therapy. Every single component, including individually sized masks and nasal prongs, has been engineered to maximize performance and patient comfort. The flexible, kink resistant hoses enable optimal positioning of the patient. Swivel connectors reduce the necessary disconnections of the breathing circuit to a minimum, thus ensuring stable CPAP pressures. In combination with the Dräger Babylog® VN500, the BabyFlow plus supports a comprehensive selection of modalities for non-invasive respiratory support. Babylog VN500 automatically adjusts the flow according to the existing leaks to ensure stable CPAP pressure and prevent nuisance alarms.

BabyFlow disposable - respiratory support system 
Designed for use with Dräger constant flow neonatal ventilators, these generators enable a seamless transition from invasive ventilation to non-invasive respiratory support. This all-in-one respiratory support eliminates the need for a separate CPAP-device while also reducing costs and complexity at the bedside.

Accessories for the BabyFlow plus and the BabyFlow disposable:
Anatomical designed nasal prongs in 11 sizes and two different widths to ensure an optimal fit for every patient. Silicon masks are available in three different sizes (S, M, L). The newly designed TPE-masks are developed for babies ranging from 2.5 kg to 5 kg in weight and can only be combined with the BabyFlow plus system.

The innovative design of the new headgear, available in six sizes, along with the disposable caps, available in seven sizes, enable the customer to choose the most comfortable fit and combination for each of their tiny patients. The soft connector is helpful for the connection to various breathing circuits.

มุมมองผลิตภัณฑ์แบบ 360 องศา

Draeger Neonatal Ventilation Accessories 360


BabyFlow® – Nasal CPAP (PDF)
BabyFlow® – Nasal CPAP (PDF)

Patient comfort, highly effective therapy and cost-efficiency - these are just some of the requirements fulfilled by the BabyFlow.


Product information: Dräger BabyFlow® plus (PDF)
Product information: Dräger BabyFlow® plus (PDF)

The superior non-invasive respiratory support system, designed to maximize performance and patient comfort.


Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en
Neonatal and pediatric accessories catalogue, en

Suitable for a wide range of clinical applications, we supply you with over 2,000 accessory item solutions. From breathing masks to flow sensors to disposable and reusable breathing circuits, we design and develop all our products according to your specific requirements.


Accessory Catalogue 2024, en

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