Services for Medical Devices

Downtime is the last thing you can afford in today’s high-pressure clinical environment. Medical equipment needs to be operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure maximum productivity. DrägerService® provides high-quality maintenance services for medical equipment which helps to increase uptime availability, maintain budget stability and help you provide a safer and more reliable working environment. 

Total Care

Combining increased utilisation with cost control
Total Care is a comprehensive service solution offering complete cost control. It combines maintenance and professional repair services to ensure compliance with quality and safety standards for medical equipment.

Inspection Care

Fulfilling legal requirements for medical devices
Inspection Care supports the safe operation of devices by verifying the condition of the equipment at planned service intervals. It includes comprehensive safety and performance testing of the device which simultaneously fulfils legal requirements for medical devices.

Software Care

Keeping your clinical IT data management system at the cutting edge
The Software Care contract offers full availability of the latest functionality and advancements for Dräger IT products. It ensures system security through updates and online support. Free upgrades are an integral component and ensure continual expansion of the system's functionality.

Preventive Care

Increasing operational continuity for medical devices
Preventive Care is a proactive service designed to increase operational continuity for medical equipment. It includes the inspection of the equipment's condition and the execution of all preventive maintenance tasks in accordance with legal requirements.

Corrective Care

Corrrective Care is a service support agreement for the provision of corrective maintenance to ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of Dräger equipment.

Remote Services

Increased uptime for medical devices
Dräger Remote Service solutions provide a proactive approach to equipment services. They help to leverage the biomed’s service responsibilities and simultaneously increase system availability and performance.

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